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About us

PlusVini AS is an independent import, marketing and sales company within the Vinestor Group. The company was founded in 2001 by Jørn Abrahamsen and has successfully operated and represented a number of international wine and spirits producers in the Norwegian market.

The team today has a long experience building a successful portfolio. To work with wines is a lifestyle. Everyone in the company are enthusiasts and love working with the best product in the world; the wine.

In PlusVini AS we consider good relations with our producers and knowledge of the Norwegian market key ingredient for success.

PlusVini AS will continue building a wide quality portfolio at the best possible price point for the Norwegian consumer. Quality and tradition is important, but curiosity for the new and unique will always be monitored. PlusVini AS small and competent organization makes the company flexible and quick. The financial owner, Vinestor Group, gives PlusVini AS the opportunity to be powerful.

PlusVini AS largest customer is the state owned retail monopoly, Vinmonopolet. In addition to this market, all products are distributed and sold to Horeca-customers through our numerous wholesaler partners all over Norway.

PlusVini AS is owned by the Vinestor group, one of the leading beverage companies at the Norwegian market. Being a part of a bigger group, Vinestor, we like to say that we can offer the best from both worlds:

Big – “Economy of scale”
Logistics, IT, market information, analysis and reporting. Strength when negotiating customer agreements etc.
Small – “Less is more”
Sales efficiency through smaller units and company specific product portfolios. Closer contact with producers, products and customers. Effective Internal communication – momentum not lost in Administration. Focus.

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